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Bimetica.com is a BIM Channel that distributes BIM content (Revit Families, Archicad Objects, IFC files, etc), 3D Blocks, Specification Sheets, and other construction product information. This BIM Library is primarily aimed at two groups:

Where we are

If you want to contact us or request information, please send an e-mail to info@bimetica.com or come to any of our offices:

Bimetica Spain (Headquarters)

C/. Vigo N°30, 1º - 4ª. L´Hospitalet de Llobregat (08901) Barcelona. Tel.: + 34 932267322

Bimetica's team members are conscious of the social and environmental necessities around us. This is why we promote BIM technology, which has the capacity of generating better, more efficient, projects while keeping sustainability in mind. In Bimetica, we believe that the commitment for sustainable development is a factor for success, so there is a need to entice companies and professionals around the world with ethical arguments in order to act more responsibly.

In Bimetica, we want to go further. Companies are increasingly related to phenomena that affect society. It is for this reason that in Bimetica assumes a number of responsibilities and commitments with NGOs to develop projects aimed at improving infrastructure and quality of life of society.

It is these small gestures that produce great changes and make the difference. Constributing to the development of society means improving our condition and that of our surroundings, and with that, our quality of life.>>

Bimetica is an information technology company applied to the construction industry, whose vocation is to promote quality BIM content, being its human capital its most valuable asset. That is why we follow a process of selection for architects, engineers and modelers the follow these premises: the concept of quality and work performance, proven professional experience, vision, and human quality.

If you are interested in joining our team and have computer skills, with knowledge about the construction industry, send your CV to info@bimetica.com

Bimetica will add the curriculum to its applicants list and will contact when convenient.

Bimetica will treat the provided information according to the norms on protection of personal data.

Bimetica will treat the provided information according to the norms on protection of personal data.>>

More info: info@bimetica.com

In Bimetica, we want to improve your work-flow with BIM tools.

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